ClariFix® for Chronic Rhinitis Treatment

Stop dealing with nasal congestion and a watery runny nose.

Nasal congestion and a watery runny nose.ClariFix Cryotherapy logo

Don’t live with the post nasal drip and constant sniffles.

Trust ClariFix® as an effective solution.

The simple in office treatment known as ClariFix® Cryotherapy is convenient and provides lasting improvement of your runny nose and nasal congestion symptoms.

Dr. Brian Hasslinger is proud to provide his patients with proven minimally invasive treatments. By offering ClariFix® to his patients he is able to fix the root of your symptoms with little or no down time.

What is Chronic Rhinitis and how does Dr. Hasslinger treat it?

Out-of-balance nerves cause rhinitis in your nose. These nerves send too many signals to your nose, causing it to drip, run and swell more than necessary. Using a minimally-invasive treatment called ‘cryotherapy,’ Dr. Hasslinger can interrupt the signals from these nerves to reduce your runny, stuffy nose symptoms. The nerves no longer tell the nose to drip, run and swell. Most patients return to their regular activity that same day.

RESULTS of a Published Clinical Study

  • 4 out of 5 patients reporting long-lasting symptom relief
  • Significant decrease in runny nose and nasal congestion

Imagine not having to be worried about your nose dripping while talking to people.

There is a long-lasting option… set an appointment today with Dr. Brian Hasslinger and breathe easier.

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